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A Little Bit About Our Beginnings...


RECIPE ARCHITECTS is the story of my journey.  In 2006, I was working as an Architect with two young children and found that the foods I had been eating all my life were making me ill.  Several doctors jumped to textbook conclusions based on old knowledge, blaming IBS but to no avail. I had to take control and began researching in order to find a cure for myself.  


This company was borne out those struggles and success, overhauling my diet, exercise and stress have enabled me to travel the road from illness to wellness.  The positive results have sparked such a passion for health and wellness that I have retrained as a nutritional and fitness coach, so I can  bettter help others facing similar health and fitness issues. 


Along with my team here at RECIPE ARCHITECTS, I help our help clients around the world through their own health journey.


“I feel healthier and fitter now that I am nearly 50 then I did in my 30’s or even 20’s!”

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