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Our Humble Beginnings...

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

You might be surprised to know that RECIPE ARCHITECTS first started off as a food company; we would make regular appearances at the farmers market in Wanstead, London, the Freefrom Festivals and many trade shows around the UK. The shift in my diet made such an impact in the quality of my life and health that I wanted to share it with others who were facing similar struggles.

When I first started changing my diet from SAD (Standard American Diet), I found it virtually impossible to buy food that would not upset my tummy. Staples such as bread, tortilla, pasta were all taken out of my daily meals. I had therefore resorted to making it myself, spending many many hours in the kitchen perfecting my recipes. I was a busy Architect and a mum of two small children, did I have time to sit and make bread? Well if you want something enough, you do. I soon had a collection of low carb gluten free flour blends that would regularly get sold out at all the events.

Our special mixes slowly started to get recognised. First came the FreeForm Food Awards, we were nominated and then Shortlisted for the store cupboard category- All in our first year of starting this venture! Going to the awards ceremony was so exciting. It was like the Oscars for the FreeFrom world. We were up against the big boys- Us! Little old Us!

Then came the Nourish Awards, in the pantry category, we won the Merit Award. We were so pleased not only to be shortlisted but actually winning the Merit Award. These awards were not just for being FreeForm but also took into account the health aspect of the product. We were also really excited to be shortlisted for the Innovation category as well.

But we are more than just food, so like everything, RECIPE ARCHITECTS has evolved. Retraining as a nutritional and fitness coach made me realise that food, along with fitness, stress management, sleep were all pieces in the whole health and wellness puzzle. It’s a funny balancing act, though our diet is a huge proponent, you really needs to take a more of an holistic approach to truly truly optimise yourselves. The journey never really ends, you just get to a destination and then decide where to go next...

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