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Unleash the Inner You- Health & Well-Being Workshop


from £197


4 Weeks

About the Course

Unleash the Inner You

A mix of physical and mental fitness to kickstart your journey to well-being!

We will teach and accompany you to learn to implement the following in your daily life:

Healthy nutrition to fuel your body with the nutrients and vitamins that you need

​Food as fuel to unleash your inner you: learning what balanced nutrition is to reach your goals

-How to increase your well-being with fun and evidence-based exercises and nudges

-Build long-lasting habits to ensure your future success

-Increase your resilience and learn the tricks to a happier, more optimistic outlook

-Improve your relationships with easy to implement tips rooted in positive psychology

Your Instructors

Farzana Kazi-Hossain
Farzana Kazi-Hossain

Farzana Kazi-Hossain

Nathalie Grandjean

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