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The Art and Science of a Simple Half Boiled Egg

I can’t believe I am dedicating a whole blog to making half boiled eggs as who can‘t boil an egg, right? Well, anyone can boil an egg but the half boiled version takes practise to master. So what makes the perfect half boil? For me, it’s the combination of the fully cooked opaque solid whites juxtaposed around a soft liquid orange centre- ummmm perfecto!!!

So why are eggs so important? Other than its versatility, its high amount of essential amino acids (amino acids we can't produce ourselves but have to get from the diet), in its cooked form is the one of the most bioavailable* protein source around at around 91%. But keep in mind that protein from raw eggs is only about 50% bioavailable. So, why does protein in cooked eggs have higher bioavailability and digestibility than raw eggs, you ask? The quick answer is that by heating eggs, it changes the protein structure (denaturing the proteins) in the eggs, thereby making them more accessible for our digestive enzymes and thus more easily absorbed.

Ok, lecture over, back to my perfect half boiled eggs. I have recently purchased an InstantPot and found amongst the plethora of functions, that cooking eggs in it was very simple and quick. Playing around with the buttons, I found the perfect setting and timing to create the half boil.

So here are the simple steps but, mind you, timing is crucial:

1-fill the InstantPot with 1/2 cup of water

2- use a trivet and set about 10 eggs in the pot (see note)

3-Set the 'Steam' function for 1 minute and cook the eggs under pressure.

4-as soon as the timer starts bleeping, manually vent the InstantPot to remove the lid

5-remove the inner pot and plunge the eggs under cold water immediately

6-pressure cooked eggs are also super easy to peel, the shells just slide off.

7-I often leave them peeled in the fridge and it acts as a quick, handy and nutritious snack for me and my family.

Note: I have found that overcrowding the eggs in the pot yields a much harder egg. Perhaps it’s to do with the conduction of heat between the eggs but by limiting to about 10 eggs in a 6 quart pot, yields my desired finish.

Post note: I get I might be isolating some who don’t have an InstantPot and therefore will be creating another post or add on to this one with the stovetop method.

*bioavailability is the ability of your body to break down and absorb any nutrient

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