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An old favourite resurrected -Meat Tehari

Those of you who are familiar with eastern cuisine would no doubt have heard of ‘biriyani’- a rich rice dish made with meat/vegetables and often served in times of celebration. However, you might not have heard of a similar rice dish called ‘tehari’. One of the main difference is that in a biryani, the meat/veg is cooked separately from the rice and then layered to finish and often cooked in ghee. The tehari on the other hand, is usually cooked in oil, the meat is cooked with the rice and it’s heavily flavoured with green chillies. That’s how it was made in our household and it was one of my favourite dishes.

However, since adapting my way of eating, having tehari was a far distant memory. Not until now! I don’t often pat myself on the back but this time, I am really proud of my adaptation of a favourite dish without compromising the taste nor my current eating beliefs. Click here for the full recipe.

One caveat to my recipe is that you need to use the cauliflower rice I suggest. I, in no way, am affiliated to the brand but having used a variety of cauliflower rices (fresh, frozen, prepacked), this particular one works really well in this dish because of its texture and flavour.

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